Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am starting my new job today. Am I a little flipped out? Yes. Hardly anyone was at work yesterday, you know how that goes. You imagine this movie send-off and instead it's this total anti-climactic whimper kind of thing. But they had a nice luncheon (doncha love that word?) for me on Monday, catered by my favoriate place. That was nice. My uber-boss gave a really nice speech. About: me. He thanked me. And lemme just say, I was grateful. Because, while I certainly don't want to appear immodest, I DESERVED IT. Brother. Or, bruzzer, as Ian would say.

OK, I gotta go. More later on the Mary Tyler Moore imaginary theme song as I traversed I270 south yesterday with all my papers and photos and plants in my car...headed for new terrain...


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