Thursday, October 13, 2005

Like we needed any more proof Steve Almond is a Jerk

Remember what I said about things that give me pause? Steve Almond gave me pause the first time I saw him at Sewanee back in 2001. He is a fuzzy feral little man who talks a lot about his "craft" and how hard he works to "craft" his "craft," etc. In short, he is the most nauseating form of writer--the vain, falsely modest nebbish who, like the Computer Roulette Guy, uses his "talent" as a limp form of foreplay to entice the ladies.

The upshot is, Steve Almond is no Matt Klam. If you're a misogynistic vainglorious ego pimp, then you had better be a FUNNY vainglorious misogynistic ego pimp, and Steve Almond is about as funny (and talented) as a rubber chicken. Zzzz.

I'm in a rush, I could go on! But just read what he has to say in today's salon about blogs, specifically Mark Sarvas at the Elegant Variation, but mostly, and tirelessly, and as always, about himself.


Oh yes!! And there is a rebuttal. Time for the catnip, ladies!!


Cynicism is another word for reality

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