Friday, September 30, 2005

"The Days of Awe" by Hugh Nissenson

I read lots of reviews--books, plays, movies, art exhibits etc.--because it has become my vicarious way of absorbing culture for my culture-starved mind. I used to read the reviews and then follow through and partake of the offering. My life is a little "spirited" right now, tho, so sometimes I have to survive on the freeze-dried nutrients of the review alone.

But when I read this pup this morning, I added the book to my Amazon list forthwith. THEN I read this snippet with the author (he's 72!!) and I loved it. Especially the part where he says he writes "half stoned" so as to curb his chronic depression. A man after my own heart...(even tho I only write sober as a judge). Drunk sex=fun; (my) drunk writing=ludicrous.

Disclaimer: I tend to shy away from tragedy-specific genres like "AIDS plays," "Holocaust books," and I have careened away from anything to do with ANYONE'S reflections on 9/11, just because I am not ready yet. Reading about this book made me want to come out of hiding, tho.


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