Thursday, September 29, 2005

O Happy Refuge!

You know how when you are going through something like, say, a nervous breakdown, and only certain music speaks to you? I am going through this thing right now. I have them all the time, nothing to worry about. Side effects of insanity sometimes include nervous breakdowns. I think of them as small strokes.

Anyway, the music that is speaking to me in such a big way, and I can’t really account for it, is Oasis. I know, that is so ‘90’s of me. I can be forgiven for that because I was overseas for much of the ‘90’s and so for me it’s really au currant.

Maybe it’s not such a good sign that I am communing metaphysically with a coupla fractious drug addled brothers.

I am listening to “Going Nowhere” now and it is making my heart float. Also maybe not so good that a drug addled band’s song called “Going Nowhere” is speaking to me. Maybe it’s a sign. Either that I need a wonderwall, or just some plain good heroin.

I love the way he says “mo-tor car, maybe a jag-u-ar.”

You see! Yesterday Bono was all talking to me and today it’s Liam and Noel. Naughty boys! So I thought, I’ll just Google the lyrics to this song that’s speaking to me because, while I can clearly hear the motor car/ jag-u-ar part, I can’t really make out some of the rest. Here are the lyrics!!!!!

I could do with a motor car
Maybe a Jaguar maybe a plane or a day of fame
I wanna be a millionaire so can you take me there
Wanna be wild cos my life's so tame
Here am I, going nowhere on a train
Here am I, growing older in the rain

I am now receiving messages in cryptic spirtual fashion from two bad boys. Thanks lads! Back to your pints! I could do with a pint right about now! What say? Meet you at the Goat 'n Grind in a jiff. Carry on.

Oh, as if that weren't enough symbolism for one day, oasis: 1 : a fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert) 2 : something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast


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