Thursday, May 04, 2006


Things I LOVE Thursday (TILT) has reared it's beautiful head! Another reason to be eternally grateful to Weaker Vessel--whew!

I saw this at the gift store at the Sackler Gallery and fell crashingly in love:

It reminds me of Radar O'Reilly, swilling a grape Nehi at Rosie's bamboo and corrugated tin hooch joint, with his adorable sentence-finishing, earnest, teddy bear ways---an American boy who wove himself into the fabric of a war-torn Asian land, amid unthinkable circumstances, without losing his puppy dog, furrowed-eyebrow, virginal charm.

It also reminds me of lots of other beautiful bicultural fusions--Asian billboards, the opiated rickshaw exoticism of pre-communist Shanghai, cinnabar painted lacquer, and one of my favorite novels (and movies) ever, The Lover.*

*The direct inspiration for marrying my own Asian lover, which led to the creation of our own three bicultural fusions.


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