Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is a Fun Game

Hi--I'm having:

Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat I Don't Like That Rabbit Make it a Different Design I Hate Purple Rabbits Be Creative kind of day.

With my kids? Mais non! With my "office kids," oft referred to as "clients." Love them!!! But like zee kids, they can be a leetle, shall we say, demanding! Perhaps a non-purple rhinocerous out of the hat, love? Will THAT make you happy?

Soooooooooo, since I love Belinda, because she is one of the most inclusive, friendly, smart, accessible BlogDames in town, check out her site today. This is a fun game. Also, I've already sent in my guess! So I can NOW share the link with the "masses."

I'm on a roll, kids. First Jon Stewart, next, THE WORLD!

Go here for instructions on how to play. Then go here for her second entry to make a guess as to who she is impersonating. Now. You'll thank me.

But if you beat me, I'll be mad. Be forewarned.


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