Thursday, April 13, 2006


I screwed up and thought today was "Cryptic Thursday," when in fact it is: THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY, spurred on by the pop culture, intellectual, cocktail swillin', high priestess, Michelle, over at Weaker Vessel.

Whew! Boy did she save YOU from my morbid meanderings this morning.

Here's what I love:

You see, I went out to lunch with two colleagues yesterday, because that's just the sort of pan-savoir faire kind of gal I am, and we wandered into a party store.

We all seemed to share the same LIMITLESS fascination with items such a plastic rat that was tricked out with "realistic rat-like motion," stretch rubber frogs, feather pens, AND WE LINGERED, nay, LOITERED clumsily in the Hello Kitty section on the pretense of looking for things for our "girls."

I found a simply irresistable little slightly plushy Kitty IN A RED KIMONO. But that wasn't the kicker. The KICKER was that she was wearing those little crazy red ZORIS.

I clutched my little satin sheathed totem, in her traditional Geisha footwear, and I loved her. I thought, "Um, Daisy?"

I got back to my office and looked at Kitty and imagined Daisy's sweet eyes of wonder. Then I imagined Fancy Red Satin Kitty at the bottom of the toy pile, amid petrified Cheerios and naughty brothers, and I thought, "No. NO!"

Kitty is hanging on the wall in front of me. Eying me enigmatically in her calm Geisha Kitty way.

We're happy together.


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