Monday, May 08, 2006

Sex with Bob Newhart or Che? I'm going with Che...

I dreamt Bob Newhart came on to me last night.

Maybe you need a chance to let that sink in: I dreamt Bob Newhart made a PASS at me last night.

I am a little concerned about the "symbolism" and all other inherent repurcussions that may or may not have. And I'm a little flipped out. And grossed out. I think, inevitably, that it points to one thing and one thing alone: STRESS.

Because I can't think of anything else to blame it on. And I am looking furiously.

We watched Domino this weekend. HELLO??? Why was I not notified of the brilliance of this film? It is GREAT. OK, and I have a pretty long attention span--I love Henry James, that sort of thing--but this movie is a SHORT attention span person's wet dream. (i just looked up the reviews and it got pulverized! See at your own risk, but I liked it).


If I were in my 20's ( a distant memory), this would have been my favorite movie ever, along the lines of "Blue Velvet," "Diva" and "Betty Blue." OK, maybe not "ever," but I really liked it. And Keira Knightly IS the most beautiful woman in the universe. Wow.

Things I liked:

  • Tough beautiful heroine
  • Old movie connection: daughter of Laurence Harvey (who starred, incidentally, with Simone Signoret, in the film adaptation of also one my MY FAVORITE NOVELS EVER: Room at the Top)
  • Total hot scrumptious sex scene IN THE DESERT, in Jim Morrison fashion--totally--with Che Guevara swarthy scrumptious lookalike--a blending of pent-up release (for audience AND characters) and then the brilliant highlight of:
  • Tom Waites--yes, him--as the hallucinagenic, revealtory minister vision-thing.

Really? What ELSE is Tom Waites if not a mescaline-induced epiphany bearer? Please tell me.

We watched The Color Purple in what was clearly a crack-induced, Netflix queue judgement laspe on my part.


I KNOW. I loved it (AND THE NOVEL) when it came out 30 years ago, or whenever that was, when we were all still in hopeless thrall with that hmm hmm Steven Spielberg, who wrenched our hearts out equally over aliens and goonies.

Then he laid his overbearing, overworked hand on The Color Purple, and I think the continent shifted and the cosmos was permanently realigned when the two metoerites known as Oprah and Speilberg collided.


But of course Nick, MZA and I sat riveted and I bawled my fool eyes out, on cue.

As Celie was reading Oliver Twist, and talking about a "systemmatic form of treachery and deception," Nick explained how that was a parallel from the Dickens novel to what was actually going on on the screen.

I asked how and he said, "For example, when Mister is getting ready to see Shug, Celie knows what he needs to get ready, but she waits for him to come to her so she can hand them the items one by one. Then when Mister hides the letters from her, he is deceiving her. It doesn't say that in the script, but they give you hints."

Mmm 'K.

On Sunday, I went to a small house party for this candidate, Jamie Raskin, who is running for State senate in Maryland, in my district of Silver Spring-Takoma Park. I went to high school with him (in DC) and really wanted to lend my support. You never know how those kinds of things are going to go--whether you'll experience the disillusionement of the damned, or whether you'll walk away newly restored.

I experienced the latter. Really. It was so nice.

OK, excuse the weirdly abbreviated format, but must fly. Working on soul crushing initiative (as usual) and really need to get it off into the firmament.

More anon...


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