Friday, May 05, 2006

Houris on First?

I showed today's cartoon in the Post to MZA and Nick scrambled around the table to see it. I thought, "Oh, he's not going to get it. I wonder how I'll explain it?"

Just as I began, "Well, you see, they say that there are 72 virgins..."

And he said, "Oh, you mean the 72 black-eyed virgins that, according to Islam, are waiting for you in heaven?"

I said, "Um, yeah."

He said, "They're called houri."

"What? Whores? Are you saying whores?"

"No, Houri, h-o-u-r-i. They are there to pleasure the men and then their virginity is restored."

MZA says, sotto voce, "Pleasure the men?"

"Where did you learn that?" My Muslim husband and I ask.

"From my mythology book, you know, that you gave me."

Right. MZA and I exchange glances.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate your kid. You never know WHAT you're going to learn.


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