Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eternal Face of the Sunshine Smile

Today Haiku

It’s a beautiful sunny spectacular day,
And perfect
And spectacular.
When I should have been thinking about the social and economic factors that impact gender roles, I was thinking: “Should I cut my hair? Or let it grow?”
I walked to Fancy Chic, Slightly Intimidating Giant, peopled with Very Skinny Bethesda Mommies, for two prepackaged California rolls. For lunch.
Gingery soy goodness!
I also bought products for a basket they are putting together for my colleague with a Bad Diagnosis
I bought: Terra chips, lemon ginger tea and powdered Jell-O custard.
Bake and serve.
I walked by the kids behind the chainlink fence on the school playground.
Small dramas, whispers, a little girl in pink pants and a shirt with a pink heart.
I thought about my own little girl.
Eternal face of the sunshine smile.
The utter impish guilelessness of
That Child.
My little bonus baby surprise blessing.
I never knew I needed a little girl.
But I did.


Cynicism is another word for reality

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