Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Crystal Meme (note: highly addictive)

The term "meme" refers to any unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea or concept, which one mind transmits (verbally or by repeated action) to another mind. --Wikipedia

I was "memed" by Ms. Weaker Vessel. I'm with Gingajoy, a fellow tag-ee, on these things--I love them. C'mon and play!

Here is my reply:

Three things you wish for (just for you):

That I could finally have the big Oprahpalooza life-defining moment wherein I magically manage to do something—for compensation—that I love. I mean love to life-affirming pieces.

That I could finish my short story collection at the MacDowell Colony. Six weeks of subsidized writing in an idyllic cabin setting with little picnic lunches delivered to my door daily…

That I could travel more, with Greece and Italy in the current top spots, and Thailand as a perennial revisit.

Three things you would do to/for yourself if there was no one to judge you (or if you had the guts to do it!):

Dye my hair platinum blond.

Get a weekly spray-on tan. So I could have a consistent Anita Bryant/Oompah Loompah glow.

Maybe an eye lift? Since I have been looking more and more like Charlotte Rampling of late.

Three bad habits you have:




(Are there any “good” habits?)

Three insecurities you feel:

Miraculously I have no insecurities! Whatsoever!
I feel perfect in clothes, I love my hair and my complexion is flawless.

Three talents/skills you wish you had:

The ability to sing in an ethereal, trippy, falsetto—acapella.

To paint beautifully, with generous, lush oil swaths on wide canvasses.

I wish I could be a contortionist love goddess…oh wait, I am…

Three things that you would do if you had more time

Write a big fat revelatory novel that would be Oprah’s favorite book EVER.

Become a yoga-butted, flowing-maned, spiritually-centered, granola-eating, neo-hippie who grows her own organic vegetables, tends to her bambini like an inspired, halo-lit, saint-mother, services her husband like a proper courtesan, and lives in a whitewashed, hand-hewn cottage by the sea.

Read PROUST, goddammit, once and for all.

Three things that bring you peace/relaxation:

Our ancestral lake house in northern Minnesota.

P-i-n-o-t g-r-i-g-i-o

The baby doll silk of my bambini’s hair.

Three things that spark your creativity:

Smart people.

Smart-ass people (you KNOW who you are).

Henry Miller, forever.

I hereby tag:

Brussels Confidential, Mom-101, Thumbless Wonder and Mocha-Momma


Cynicism is another word for reality

Email me, you derelict wastrel

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