Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Naughtiness and Noodles

I posted a short story, linked HERE for your viewing enjoyment, and several months ago I noticed a large amount of traffic—all for that particular post. Then I started noticing LAW FIRMS on my site meter, also similarly honed in on that post, and I became a little concerned.

Then I got an email from the person that I had fictionalized (thinly) in the story, “Mike Nazareth,” BECAUSE I used his real name (since changed). This, I will grant you, was very naughty of me, but I didn’t really think too much about it because it got published in a small literary magazine on the West Coast in 2001, for Pete’s sake, and when I reprinted it, the rights had reverted back to me and all. Honestly I did not consider all the Grandmaster Google ramifications that could occur.

Zut alors!

So, “Mike” wrote to me, FROM BAGHDAD, where is currently working (as a civilian) and asked me, rather haughtily, to cease and desist using his actual name in the story. I checked with my lawyer, aka my brother, and he forwarded me some advice. According to him, I was well within my rights, but because I am such a stand-up gal, I changed his name. No big deal.

He was very appreciative, especially since I portrayed him in an accurate, but unfavorable light. I thought it was behind me when I heard from him yet again today. It seems he had found yet another incarnation of the story that I did indeed post over a year ago on a different site. I was trying out a different venue for the olde blog and posted a few things there, but have been at this address ever since.


It was such a long time ago that I didn’t even remember my user name or password. But I knew that he wouldn’t let it die, so I mustered all my cognitive abilities and managed to figure it out. I deleted the post. I wrote him back and told him that, and also cheekily admonished him to stop Googling himself and GET BACK TO WORK.

Oh, that viperous Google!! What it unearths!

I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings—honestly I don’t. EXCEPT for when someone has treated me badly. Then maybe sometimes I feel the need to conduct a little naughtiness alchemy. But I learned my lesson and I will not use real names anymore. Even when it’s tempting.

In other news, MZA made his TRIUMPHAL cinnamon beef noodles again last night, which you can find linked here for your culinary enjoyment.

Now, excuse me while I go Google myself…


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