Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whatever FLOTUS Your Boat

Dash Riprock, our far flung correspondent, who is In a Country Far Far Away that was recently graced with a presidential meet 'n greet, took this renegade snap of the FLOTUS and faithfully sent it on to us. Thanks Dash!

At issue here is a certain dyed wig effect and the pancake does look a little "heavy." We admire her cat-like primness and the librarian certitude, tho. She is so correct! So "pulled together!" So without blame. And the tidy blue wool suit does effectively bring out the color in her eyes!

Do you ever feel like they're having a good cop/bad cop scenario over on us?

I do.

I want to like her. Why? Because I feel guilty for hating her husband so much? Maybe. Maybe we feel inclined to give a little more than we should to her. Kind of like we're kids in a bad marriage and it's DADDY who does all the bad stuff and MOMMY is the good stalwart force of ...what? Feline literary goodness?

Anyhoodle...I need a PopTart intervention. I haven't bought any, nor will I. But I think about them too often. It's bad. I am a blueberry NO FROSTING purist. In case you were wondering. And I know you were.


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