Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Anatomy of Fatigue

I can honestly say, without any exaggeration, guile, or self aggrandizement, that I have never been so tired in my entire life. Even after giving birth to each of my babies. In addition, today I look like this . Except my eyes are puffier. I am fuh-king tired. I would be flatlining were it not for the artificially rendered heart beats that are being spurred by a near constant infusion of Diet Coke.

I just found out I have to write 20 more “things.” Added at the last minute. I am supposed to be finished, what with passing the Deadline of August 1st and all. It's kinda like telling Lance Armstrong he has another 20 kilometers up an alp or two before he can be champagne soaked on the Champs Elysees. I want my champagne soaked moment NOW.

Besides the Diet Coke, there is a magical white painted house with a stone fireplace that faces a small bay on a big lake. My grandparents built that house in 1939, plank by plank, and my grandmother picked each stone for the fireplace. The bay is named after an Indian squaw who was married to a Canadian trapper. If you could marry a place, I would marry that place. My ashes will be spread on that bay. I have dragged two babies at 6 weeks and 2 weeks to that bay to baptize them there. The third baby had to wait until she was almost one to see it. She greeted the bay with open arms.
I love Cimono Bay. And I hope to be there in a coupla days watching the water ripple like a liquid Hope diamond, surrounded by soft wild grass and light sand, accented by a cobalt blue pitcher full of crayon colored zinnias.


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