Monday, August 01, 2005

What I Learned This Summer

It's Sunday. I am at work. Some things I learned this summer:
  • I have a rapacious work ethic
  • I can use rapacious in a sentence
  • I am a recovering slacker
  • I like being a slacker better
  • People are full of shit (not so much learned as reinforced)
  • Music=survival
  • BlogHer is a convention meant to make us neophytes feel like uninvited prom dates
  • Lots of bloggers are bipolar
  • Sex is about release without contrivances and artifical ingredients
  • Sex is a mood enhancer
  • Work is a soul depleter
  • Music=sex
  • Birth School Work Death=truth
  • People really, truly, absolutely do not like to work hard
  • People are really good at pretending they work hard
  • People are really good at saying, "I was here until 11:00 last night"
  • I am really good at not being impressed by people who say, "I was here until 11:00 last night"
  • Some people want a baby for the wrong reasons
  • Sometimes a man who has had the brain sucked out of his head by a shitty marriage gets a second chance
  • I need to get back to work
  • I want to go on vacation. Right now. Splash. Lake. Ancestral summer home
  • Brideshead needs to be revisited


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