Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Endless Summer, Not Just for Man-Eating Aliens Anymore

It is Tuesday. The Hispanic office maid is vacuuming. Sue Who’s 72 is having her 10th MRI. It is peaceful at the Preserve. Post hurdle as we are.

I took Nick to the dentist yesterday and used that diversion as an excellent excuse to take him to the movies and forego the perfunctory “return to the office mid afternoon” charade. We saw Madagascar, which was cute and all, but not THAT cute. Not as cute as everyone would have you believe. The big thing now is to say, "Adults will like it too!!!" All those swell inside jokes. The only inside joke I liked was a reference to my FAVORITE Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man,” when aliens come to earth and convince humans to go to their planet because they are humanitarians. The aliens leave a book with the earthlings and the decoding team translates the title of the book as, “To Serve Man.” That sort of proves to the earthlings that the aliens did come in peace. So earthlings start loading up on the spaceships and setting out for Planet Alien. But then the decoding team translates further and finds out the book, “To Serve Man,” is a COOKBOOK. Love it.

I’m sad that Peter Jennings died. I had one of my accidental premonitions that he would. A nagging fluttering unease in the milliseconds of sleeplessness—nothing prolonged or well thought out—just a feeling from nowhere that he was slipping.

Heather Havrilesky is hilarious and I know she’s writing about TV, but I always like it a lot better when she writes about life before she gets to the TV part. The first part of this article is about work and summer and Europeans and it made me laugh because it’s so damn REAL.

Newsflash: it’s still August. It’s raining, sloppy petulant rain. I had La Brea Tar Pit chicken wings for lunch. Good recipe. I made them yesterday in the luxurious insane splendor of not being at work and actually being at home with my sleeping babies and post-movie Nick playing on the computer. Dinner was ready when MZA came home, as it should be, as he wants it to be, as I wish it were.

Searching for life balance. In August. Endless summer, not just for man-eating aliens anymore.


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