Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Beach Blanket Bingo

We repaired to the beach--Ocean City, Maryland--for the long weekend. Swellegant! We got an ocean front suite because we could afford it! Because it's the middle of winter! Kids ate free at the restaurant--great concept.

There was a sinister Romanian waiter I remembered from when we were at the beach two years ago. MZA asked him some questions and said, "My wife remembered you." The waiter, Adrian, looked at me with these shark cold blue eyes and said, "Your wife has a good memory."


We had a jacuzzi tub, two large remotely controlled cabinet encrusted TV sets, two queen beds, two DVD/video players, a full kitchen, a BLENDER, an indoor pool and a roll out couch. Think of the seaside glamor of it all!

Please note the hot dog below and assess the "glamor" for yourself...

My job has turned the job that ate Tokyo the past coupla days, so here are some snaps for now...more on the Heartwarming Key Ring Story (I know! The suspense is killing you!) and the marginalia of sanity as it relates to being in a suite with three kids for three days (and nights).


Cynicism is another word for reality

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