Wednesday, July 13, 2005


There's a hilarious article in the Wash Post this morning by Dana Milbank about the press briefing at the White House yesterday that turned ugly. Milbank gets in some excellent jabs--including mentioning how much makeup McClellan wore. Priceless.

People wonder why, with the bombings in London, the disaster of a war in Iraq and escalating oil prices, the press finally woke from its collective five year coma and started nipping at the heels of the administration. Simple: one of their own got jailed, generating lots of journalistic sanctimonious outrage. A day late and a dollar short.

E.J. Dionne, my boyfriend (it’s unrequited) also has a great piece on the op-ed page.He is close to being the sole voice of consistent reason, maybe in the universe. He’s writing about how Bush stuck his foot in his mouth yet again by saying we are fighting the “enemy” (there’s that all-purpose, meaningless term again. Why doesn't he just say "bad guys" and get it over with?) in Iraq and Afghanistan so we can be safe at home. Ouch.

I am sure the British will be thrilled to learn that their soldiers are fighting alongside our troops so Americans can be safer. To hell with everyone else. As for the Brits, let them eat crumpets, oh yeah, and sorry for the recent spate of bombings that had nothing whatsoever to do with your participation in the war in Iraq. I like Tony Blair A LOT, even though I have to get past the fact he looks just like Fievel. I guess he has to say the bombings were because of the British “lifestyle” and not because of the war, but it’s still a crock. In any event, man, he is smart. Proving once and for all that intelligence and power make a swimmy aphrodisiac.


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