Friday, December 30, 2005

The Longest Day in the Whole Entire Universe

Google: self, weird guy from old job, intermittent boyfriend from college, self, caviar bowls, traditional quilt patterns

Consider: Organize files?

Speculate: Perhaps overpriced Google stock is worth it?

Strategize: If that stupid boutique up the street can sell $78 hand painted salt and pepper shakers and goofy painted canvasses that say Once Upon a Time There Was YOU, couldn’t I make a fortune painting whimsical sayings on canvass? Embroider white hand towels with the word “bitch” on them, embellish small magnets with cynical witticisms, craft ceramic drawer pulls in cute shapes like airplanes and fish…

Google: Blank canvases

Re-hash: Phone conversation with Nicholas (on Cape Cod) over Christmas. I confessed that I bought myself a tea towel for Christmas and he replied,

"I bought myself a throw for Christmas."

“A throw?”

“Yeah, you know, a thing to throw over your knees when it’s cold.”


“Yeah, it’s really butch.”

As if Nicholas needs to be any more butch!

Look: Out window. Parking garage is still there. Steam is emanating. From somewhere.

Most exciting part of day: Lunch at Indian restaurant with Nick and MZA. Palaak paneer is fabulous!

Resolve: I will never ever eat again as long as I live. The Palaak paneer, on top of all the holiday indulgences, was like the “wafer thin mint” at the end of that Monty Python movie.

Google: Wafer thin mint Monty Python

Results: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, wherein the super fat Mr. Creosote explodes when he eats a wafer thin mint.

Speculate: How bored is bored?

Wonder: How come when you are really busy and you can’t spare a minute, you find time to race down to Caribou Coffee for a Large Skim Latte (topped with cinnamon), but when you have all the time in the world, you just sit at your computer wondering about things?

Nihilistically posit: Is caffeine necessary when you have lost the will to live?

Ruminate: I could walk outside. Somewhere. On this gray cloudy overcast day.

Moment of virtuosity: Organize files? Tidy up desk?

Dubiously consider: People who say they use the downtime at work to “catch up.”

Question: Why aren’t I more like that?

Conclude: Lazy.

Fantasize: About Thailand. I like Thailand. I like every single solitary thing about Thailand—the people, the food, the elephants, the big Buddhas, the beer, the Gulf with its turquoise beauty, wild unadulterated Bangkok, the Chao Praya River, tuk tuks, driving a Jeep all over a small island, walking on the beach, eating shark and carved watermelon on New Year’s, sleeping near the sea, luxury, simplicity, lavender Thai silk, orchids…

Analyze: The parking garage across the street is misnumbered, so if you park on “3” you are really parked on “4.” This is sometimes difficult to remember.

Philosophize: Isn’t it weird how we sort through our exotic experiences and make peace with the fact that they only make up 2% of our lives whilst the mundane, like keeping track of parking lot floors, makes up the other 98%?

Realize: It’s really important not to slide into an existential torpor. At work.

Sticky note haiku: Aveda, 1/7 Sat 1:30 pm; Mackenzie-Childs; Pine Cone Hill; Dresden Plate pattern; Must Love Dogs; print logo vector based, not bitmap; check intern’s research.

It goes on. And then it rains.

Philosophy: Brought to you by the Psychedelic Furs, and me.


Cynicism is another word for reality

Email me, you derelict wastrel

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