Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Whither Laudanum?

You know that scene in “Betty Blue” when she realizes she’s not pregnant and she cuts off all her hair and submerges her hands into a bowl of goop? Right before she gouges out her eye with her fingers? That’s how I feel today. That’s why “Betty Blue” is one of my favorite movies, because I can totally relate to a woman who is passionate but right straight on the outer edge. I’m not going to gouge out my eyes or anything, right now at least, but I might submerge my hands into something messy and inappropriate and cut off all my hair and sit in a corner in a semi-catatonic rocking state. Why the hell did they discontinue laudanum? I think that would do the trick. A little tincture of opium. Something to cut right through the reality like Liquid Plumr through a thicket of drain clog. That is the kind of day I am having. Just wanted to reflect the most current state of affairs. Would write more, but must return to the task at hand: excavating my soul on the Planet Work.


Cynicism is another word for reality

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